What Shall I Do Once I Join StudyMRCOG

Welcoming the Students with Bouquet?

We will add you in the private study group/platform in which all the course activities occur.

We will provide you the course schedule for the classes and group activities.

We will provide free access to our Course library as well as G Drive.

We will connect StudyMRCOG IT team with you to resolve IT related queries if any.

We will provide free introduction session chaired by our Chief Mentor which explains about the structured study plan and way forward

We will be taking feedbacks from the students for Continual improvement using specific programs such as “Coffee With Mentor”


What could I do after joining the private study group?

Once you have joined, your schedule would be posted in the group, you have to go through the schedule to understand weekly & monthly  schedules to prepare yourself for the sessions and group activities.

Where do I get the topics to read from?

Our course library consists of detailed syllabus compilations which is structured for each knowledge based area, you can refer this compilations to access the vast readable materials for the specific topic.

How does StudyMRCOG Day To Day activities run?

Daily Activities/scheduled homework assignments will be posted in the morning on a scheduled basis usually daily (which may vary for different courses). You can refer through the guidelines and summaries provided on the Website, Course Library and GDrive. After referring through those you can answer those questions at your own convenient time before evening. Correct answers will be shared along with its explanations by the mentors in the evening on a daily basis. Any queries related with the questions or the answers can be clarified with the group mentors.

Extra questions which are discussed in the group will be provided in the GDrive for your easy access.

 What is GDrive folder?

Gdrive means Google Drive. Gdrive is equipped with guidelines in an easy to read format. The format is specifically designed by our mentors to make your learning faster as well as to make you understand the importance of each topic so that you can perform your exams well.

How do I get access to GDrive folder?

GDrive access will be provided to the students on joining by StudyMRCOG IT team. You need a Gmail account for GDrive access, so if you do not have a Gmail account, please create one. If you are unable to access the GDrive during the course period, you can contact StudyMRCOG IT team.

All the login ID’s, Passwords and group/drive access given are for the  Subscribed student only and are not allowed to be shared with anyone else/third part training platforms or groups.  Any student found sharing their access will have their access permanently revoked. There should always be a single Email ID which shall be given to our IT team to access both our course library and GDrive. Any suspicious activities/unauthorized logins/unidentified IP address found within/using given login credentials which shall result in revoking your access. Please note that all the students’ activities are centralized and monitored by our IT team.

When will I be able to get the class schedule?

The schedule will be published at least by 15th of every month for the upcoming month. This will help our students to plan their activities and Rota’s accordingly.

How Many Mock Exam Can I Attend?

Mock exams will be provided at the end of every month (during the course period) based on the topics covered, and you will be provided with the mock exam dates by 15th of every month so that you can prepare with the materials in hand. By the end of the course you will have a mega mock  covering all the modules according to the course curriculum.

What will be the sessions’ timings?

The session timings will be published and conveyed at the time of course subscription. StudyMRCOG will always try to stick with the agreed session timings until and unless due to any unavoidable emergencies from the mentor’s side. Session timings will be for starting usually from 21:00 IST. Session starting may susceptible to change based on mentors availability

Which platform shall be used for attending the sessions?

Sessions are managed through the GoToMeeting application. You have to download the app from play store. We will conduct a test call at  the start of the course incase you need help to set up. StudyMRCOG IT team shall help you resolve any technical errors you face during the sessions.

How long the sessions will be?

Each session typically lasts for 3-4hrs, as important topics need to be finished. It also depends on the group interaction – if you read & prepare before attending the session, then the session would be quicker & useful and can be finished sooner.

What if I miss the session?

To get maximum benefit out of the sessions, It’s advisable not to miss any sessions. But in case it’s unavoidable, the recording would be provided after 24hrs in your library dashboard. If it is a weekend or public holiday, the recording would be provided on the next working day.


How do I get access to the library?

Once you subscribe to the course you will be provided a username and password. Please make sure that you use the correct username & password to access the library.

I got username & password, but I’m unable to access.

  1. The username & password are case sensitive. Make sure you have put the right username & password.
  2. Check your internet connectivity & make sure it’s working properly.
  3. Log in from another device & check.
  4. If none of these working, please contact the IT support team.

 I have logged in, but I’m unable to view summary screen properly or summary screen is blank

  • Check your internet data, sometimes the problem will be with the speed of the data. Make sure your internet is working properly.
  • Log out from your device, log in again & check. If the issue still persists, you can contact IT support.
  • +91 9072 900 800

 Videos are not playing properly

Check your internet connectivity – most of the times it is due to less bandwidth. If your connection is good but you still can’t play the video, please go through this link.

Still Not Working ?Check out Here!

If the issue still persists, please contact IT support team.