Dr. Sowmya is a hardworking and dedicated professional, who individually cared for each student. The resources provided by her, along with her endless enthusiasm for guiding her students, paved the way for my success. She even conducted a knowledge-intensive session on clinical governance for free!
Over the last month before the exam, I simply followed the pattern taught by her, while practicing a number of difficult scenarios as designed by Dr. Sowmya. At the end of it all, the examination itself seemed easy. Her daily homework assignments helped me stay on track.
I am truly indebted to StudyMRCOG and Dr. Sowmya for all the guidance that finally allowed me to ace my MRCOG Part 3 exam.

Dr.Gul Fatima
Specialist OB-GYN, District Hospital Multan, Pakistan
April 2019

Dr. Sowmya is a great mentor and has a passion for teaching and guiding her pupils. She makes it her business to keep us on track. Her homework assignments are well designed for approaching the MRCOG Part 3 exam from the correct perspective. Thanks to her, my focus never wavered. Despite being heartbroken about not being able to clear my exam in the first attempt, thanks to StudyMRCOG and Dr. Sowmya, I sailed through my current attempt. Dr. Sowmya and the StudyMRCOG team ensured that I was taken care of through and through.

Dr.Anju Madhavan
Consultant gynaecologist, NS hospital, Kollam, Kerala
April 2019

StudyMRCOG has been a tremendously fruitful experience for me. Dr. Sowmya is very helpful and supportive. Her assignments at the end of each class have made sure I was abundantly prepared for the exam.
I can say with full confidence that joining her course has been a critical factor in my clearing the MRCOG Part 3 exam.
Dr. Asha Anand
Zulekha Hospital, Sharjah
April 2019

I have attended both online and offline classes by Dr. Sowmya, and she has been an absolute lifesaver for me. Her classes aren’t incredulously long, but short and crisp. She asks questions, corrects you on the spot, and always explains everything thoroughly.
The questions she asks are as tricky as the actual exam. She insists that although she will guide us, it is our constant efforts that will get us through the exam. That instills confidence in her students that help us achieve our goals.
Although the time I got to spend with Dr. Sowmya and the StudyMRCOG team wasn’t too long, even then I can vouch for their professionalism and experience. Their guidance has helped me ace the MRCOG Part 3 exam in less than a year.

April 2019

After completing my MRCOG Part 2 exam, I had less than 2 months to appear for my part 3 exam. StudyMRCOG team made it possible. It gave me the right platform to approach this examination and prepare to the best of my abilities.
Dr. Sowmya’s professionalism and her zeal for teaching gave me the required boost. Dr.Akshatha’s clinical governance session helped me grasp the subject. StudyMRCOG also gave me some very capable study partners in the form of a batchmate. Together, all of them pushed me towards my success with the MRCOG Part 3 exam.

Dr.Anuprita Deshmukh
April 2019

Being a part of this course gave me the right exposure to the MRCOG Part 3 exam. While Dr. Sowmya guided me through it, the StudyMRCOG team, along with the nourishing each session, gave me discipline.
The course is prepared in a way so as to mimic the actual examination and give us the confidence to ace it. Dr. Sowmya’s vigilance with homework assignments always kept me on my toes.
It was a wonderful experience and I truly thank them all for helping me through a successful examination.

Dr. Chitra Shankar
Consultant, Pearl Singapore Fertility Centre
April 2019

I loved my classes with Dr. Sowmya. She charted a clear way for me on how to perfect my understanding of the course. She guided me through what to expect from the exam while testing each one of us for the common topics.
This StudyMRCOG course is unique in its approach as it divides the students into smaller groups so that each of us gets individual attention.
I highly recommend this course and thank StudyMRCOG and Dr. Sowmya for paving my way to success.

Dr.Dalvinder Kaur
Medical Officer,Ministry of Health, Malaysia
April 2019

Let me start with a story that will tell you why this course is unlike any other. On my very first session, due to some technical difficulties, I was unable to join the class properly. Dr. Soumya took time to arrange a separate meeting just to make sure I was all caught up. At that moment, I knew, she was the right mentor for me.
After my first failed attempt, I went into depression. But StudyMRCOG gave me the confidence I needed to get started again. Dr. Sowmya led by example and instilled a sense of discipline in me.
This is just not another study group; it is personalized guidance and mentoring system. And I highly recommend it.

Dr.Bidisha Roy Choudhury
IPGME&R, SSKM Hospital, Clinical Tutor
April 2019

I strongly recommend Dr Soumya’s course for those who are preparing for part 3 MRCOG.She s such a well read teacher that you don’t have to worry about referring different books and PILs and guidelines if you are under her guidance.She sees that you do your homeworks properly and guides you whenever you have a doubt.Above all she s such a lovely person who took pains coming all the way for helping me to do my last minute revision.No words to thank you Soumya.

Dr. Deepa Balakrishan
Consultant Obs & Gyne, Metropolitan Hospital, Trichur
April 2019

Dr Sowmya is excellent mentor, her way of teaching is different and unique. She gives individual feedback to each candidate and provides support till the day of exam . I recommend this course to all part 3 Mrcog warriors.

Dr. Shabana Ali
Dubai – United Arab Emirates
April 2019

Much gratitude to Dr Sowmya for my success in MRCOG Part 3 exams. Dr Sowmya has been a determined mentor who concentrates mostly on the weak points of a candidate and helps them to focus on it even more. While studying at StudyMRCOG, the sessions were mainly focused on the exam scenario questions which really helped me a lot to focus on the important topics I had to learn and the type of questions to be expected. The more feedback’s I received , the more I was able to improve on the stations and my skills. My expectations were absolutely satisfied and I would recommend everyone who is studying for MRCOG Part 3 to definitely join StudyMRCOG and seek guidance under Dr Sowmya.

Dr. Ashwini nelavelli
Consultant at Capital hospitals
Feb 2019

There is no short cut to success and whenever you hit the rock bottom you bounce back higher. Both these facts get reinforced every time you achieve any wonder. My journey with Dr Sowmya and StudyMRCOG has been a long one but I would like to brief it out. I came to know about studyMRCOG after my first premature attempt at Part 3. Once you look for good mentors for cracking the MRCOG Part 3 exam without no doubt my top notch choices would be Dr Sowmya. She has been my biggest critic and has helped me progress in all my weak areas. Whenever I miss a class or forget to attend StudyMRCOG team has always been helpful in updating me about the commencement of classes.
StudyMRCOG Team has helped me clear my MRCOG Part 3 exam and even after the completion of the program, they make sure to always stay by your side and support you in all your endeavours.

Dr. Supraja Movva
Registrar at Rainbow women and children’s hospital, Vijayawada, India
Feb 2019

StudyMRCOG has helped me understand the MRCOG Part 3 exam modules in a better way. It has been a great experience in learning and receiving guidance under the mentorship of Dr Sowmya. She stimulates us with typical exam scenarios and also encourages to do a thorough homework on the stations in order to cultivate an in-depth knowledge. The role playing stations are great with her. Another added advantage was Dr Akshata’s clinical governance classes, which helped me a lot in learning and gaining knowledge. The course covered about 8 sessions which includes all the exam cases. This helped us to focus on the expected questions to be asked in the examination. I’m entirely grateful to StudyMRCOG team for their constant support and help in clearing MCROG Part 3 despite of the tough days.

Dr. Shaheen akhtar
Security forces hospital Makkah
Feb 2019

‘The best teachers teach from the heart ,not from the book’. Dr Sowmya has played a major role in my success and has helped me in providing a great platform. To be able to pass this exam it could not have been possible without Dr Sowmya who guided me through it all. The sessions held were short and crisp which helped me understand all the domains confidently. All the modules were explained separately with variety of case studies.
At StudyMRCOG one can expect to receive genuine feedback without any hesitation. ‘Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.’ I highly recommend StudyMRCOG’s MRCOG Part 3 Course which in my opinion is the first step in the right direction to clear the MRCOG Part 3 exam successfully.

Dr. Sandhya k prathapan
Consultant Gynecologist
Feb 2019

It gives me immense pleasure to write a testimonial for StudyMRCOG which helped me successfully complete the MRCOG Part 3 course. Without the mentor ship of Dr Sowmya it would have been impossible to clear MRCOG Part 3. Dr Sowmya’s mentoring truly brings out the potential of any candidate. Her approach of dealing with the stations gave me immense confidence to even crack difficult stations like Labour Ward Prioritisation. She covers maximum number of recalls during her discussions which has now become the USP of this exam.
The team work put in by StudyMRCOG team with inputs and a an active 24/7 telegram study group has helped us focus and free to share our doubts at any point of time. Reflecting back I appreciate the various tasks Dr Sowmya gave us which had to be completed within a stipulated time frame which at that time looked daunting but was immensely helpful. I definitely recommend StudyMRCOG for beginners as well as those who are well versed with the exam but looking out for quality revision.
Dr. Ayesha Arif
Feb 2019

Today I take the opportunity to say thanks to Dr. Sowmya and StudyMRCOG team after passing MRCOG Part 3. Dr Sowmya is a constant motivator and a good mentor. Her sessions helped me in modifying my thinking, which eventually helps you to reach your goal. I’m very much obliged to her and StudyMRCOG for clearing this exam. As we were the old students of the batch we didn’t get much time to get to know so much but I would definitely recommend and suggest StudyMRCOG to all the students as they will surely get benefited by the program when Dr Sowmya teaches with utmost patience and passion and gives you the best feedback which no one really does.

Dr. Laxmy Rajmohan
Government Women and children hospital Kottaparamba, Calicut, Kerala
Feb 2019

I am extremely grateful to StudyMRCOG and team as I was able to successfully clear MRCOG Part 3. The day I had registered the team said “We wish to see your name in the pass list”. That confidence which was fed by the team motivated me a lot. You guys are amazing.
Dr Sowmya was always with filled with immense energy till the end of session. She is an excellent role player and an examiner. She has given me a constructive feedback on my skills which helped me in improving my performance overall. Though there was a lot of hard work required for the initial 6 months , I felt I was lagging behind somewhere. But when Dr Sowmya picked up brainstorm stations and also conducted simulating sessions on all the different domains ,it helped to gather confidence during the exam and I scored 88%.
My heartfelt thanks to StudyMRCOG team, Dr Sowmya and Dr Akshata for the enormous support in my successful career. I highly recommend StudyMRCOG’s course for MRCOG Part 3 and it is no doubt it is a tricky exam but with the right guidance it can be achieved.

Dr. M Maheswari
Private Practitioner
Feb 2019

The course offered by StudyMRCOG has helped me a lot to prepare for the exam. Dr. Sowmya was a superb guide and gave me a clear perception about the questioning pattern of the exam. She personally guided students who needed guidance for the exam. I really admire her for the way she builds confidence of students. I would like to thank Dr. Sowmya for the excellent support and guidance she offered to me. This is an exam which not only tests your level of knowledge but also aptitude. StudyMRCOG helped in bringing out the best in us.

Dr. Dhavashree V
Consultant, SKS Hospital, Salem
December 2018

It has been a memorable experience which I will treasure for years to come. Dr. Sowmya of StudyMRCOG has been of immense help. I enrolled in the course immediately after I cleared part 2. She provided us with a clear roadmap to prepare for MRCOG Part 3. As suggested by Dr.Sowmya, I practiced stations daily on a module basis. They rectified us during the sessions and would specify the exact areas where we had made the mistakes. Through their meticulous approach she helped us to focus on vital points. Practice and perseverance paid off in the end, though the initial phase was a tough one for me. I thank StudyMRCOG and recommend the course to all medical students

Dr. Bhawna Upendra
December 2018

It was a pleasure to have Dr. Sowmya as a guide and a mentor. It was under her guidance that I cleared MRCOG Part 3 at the first attempt. I would like to thank Dr. Sowmya of StudyMRCOG for their help. She helped a lot in boosting my morale and in developing faith in myself. I found Dr. Sowmya very welcoming, inspiring and easy to collaborate with. She helped me find out my strengths as well as weaknesses and the exact areas I needed to pay attention to. I wish Dr. Sowmya and StudyMRCOG all the best – keep up the good work! I would recommend anyone who is preparing for MRCOG Part 3 to join Dr. Sowmya and StudyMRCOG.

Dr. Poornima Srikanth
December 2018

The program at StudyMRCOG helped me to prepare for the exam in an organized manner. The instructors, especially Dr. Sowmya helped me to approach stations covering the major domains. It was a truly unique experience studying under her. She helped me to track those areas where I was performing satisfactorily and where I needed to work hard. Thank you for helping me groom for the exam and helping me perform to my full potential. I express my heartfelt gratitude to the team at StudyMRCOG. Thank you for shaping the course in a way which was enjoyable and worthwhile at the same time.

Dr. Sakthi M.S
Assistant Professor, Dept of Obgyn, Govt Medical College, Kottayam, Kerala, India
December 2018

I would like to thank StudyMRCOG for helping me clear the exam with flying colours. Enrolling with them was one of the wisest decisions that I made while preparing for MRCOG Part 3. Dr. Sowmya’s critical feedbacks helped me to identify the areas where I needed to put in more effort. I thank the entire team including Dr. Sowmya for their guidance, support and encouragement without which it wouldn’t have been possible for me to clear part 3 in my first attempt. They ensured that all vital stations are covered by ensuring that at least one station is covered in a class. Kudos to StudyMRCOG!

Dr. Manisha Rasheed
Lecturer at Govt Medical College, Thrissur
December 2018

Dr. Sowmya is a highly dedicated guide who is passionate to help her students perform up to their true potential. Ever since the day I joined StudyMRCOG, she provided me with valuable advice and feedback. She guided me in the right direction since I had no clear perception of MRCOG Part 3. The quality of guidance which I received at StudyMRCOG exceeded my expectations! I liked the way Dr. Sowmya explained each station to me. She was very punctual and encouraged us to put in our best efforts in the classes which she conducted. I recommend this program to anybody who is preparing for MRCOG Part – 3.

Dr. Nesrin
Registrar OBGYN
December 2018

The sessions conducted by Dr. Sowmya were highly enlightening. During the time period when I studied at StudyMRCOG, she made sure that all important stations which formed a part of the syllabus were covered. Some of these sessions were repeated in order to make sure that all our doubts were cleared. I am deeply indebted to the teachers at StudyMRCOG to help me to prepare for the exam in a well-organized manner and score highly. If you are looking for great mentors to pass MRCOG Part 3 with superb grades. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Dr. Lakshmi Irrinki
M.D, D.N.B(OBGYN) | Consultant Obstetrician, Srilakshmi Hospitals
December 2018

Dr. Sowmya is a great mentor. She played an instrumental role in identifying my drawbacks and work on them. She explained with clarity during her sessions at StudyMRCOG which helped in clarifying all doubts from our mind. She covered all the challenging topics of the exams and played a major role in boosting our confidence by the end of the course. I highly appreciate the way in which she cleared all my doubts with great patience just a few days before the exam. With her guidance I was able to pass the exams with far better results than expected. My heartfelt thanks to her and all other teachers at StudyMRCOG who helped me achieve my dream.

Dr. Anusuya Banerji
Consultant, Tagore Hospital, Jalandhar
December 2018

Dr. Sowmya had immense contribution in helping me prepare for the part 3 exam while studying at StudyMRCOG. I was very shaky in doing station. Dr. Sowmya encouraged me to work hard in this area and helped in clearing all my doubts. Her extra classes at StudyMRCOG were specifically meant to clarify our doubts. The love and support which I received here helped me to get over all insecurities. I am grateful for the guidance which I received while preparing for the part 3 exam. I will suggest the institute’s name to anybody who is preparing for the MRCOG Part 3 exam.

Dr. Reshma Sharma
December 2018

Hi I’m Devi from India. I cleared my part 3 MRCOG on September 2018 with 86%
I took Dr Sowmya’s online course before my exam. She took me through each and every module in an elaborate way including the domains. She provided me with all the necessary materials. She made me do stations on individual basis and gave feedback which was quite useful. She encouraged me to prepare stations on my own and practice it. She also organised a separate clinical governance session with one of her colleague working in UK at present. All of this helped me clear this exam. Overall she is strict( which is good in a way) however very encouraging and motivating and she is always available when we need help. I personally felt her course very useful and would strongly recommend for part 3 preparation. On top of that she was flexible on the timings as well. Thank you Dr.Sowmya for the tremendous help and guidance.

Dr. Devi
September 2018

Dr.Sowmya helped us cover all modules in detail with focus on communication skills and patient safety which is vital for overseas candidates. Dr.Sowmya also helped me to get oriented to the new exam system, understand the examiner’s expectations by getting a chance to give feedback to others and develop confidence by practising cases and getting individual feedback. A very well organised programme for MRCOG part 3 preparation. Very good selection of tough and most expected cases. Highlight of the course being chance to present 1-2 cases during each session.

Dr Avani Pillai
Assistant Professor, Dept of Reproductive medicine at Amrita institute of medical sciences, Kochi
September 2018

Dr.Sowmya, thank you for being a part of my success. The online classes helped me to start off my preparation. Constant encouragement from your side helped me a lot. Your feedback was most of the time very constructive. Overall I can say it was a good decision choosing your course as it covered different scenarios including the difficult ones. You fine tuned our performance.. Thanks a lot

Dr. Gayathri Chillakuru
September 2018

I found Dr Sowmya’s classes for part 3 very useful ..the reason being more number of stations discussed which we don’t have in any other courses n we get to practise different scenarios which is very important for this exam and she corrects us then and there which refines our skills even without us realising especially when we are raw and have no idea about how to go about this exam it’s quite an eye opener. Thank u Dr.Sowmya for playing a very important role in my success.

Dr. Sruthi
MS OG, FMAS MRCOG | Junior consultant at Apollo Cradle, Chennai
September 2018

Dr. Sowmya’s classes helped me to sail smoothly to get this prestigious degree of MRCOG. We all have the required knowledge but the classes teach us to correctly apply and to fine tune that in the critical 3 hours. Thanks a lot to Dr.Sowmya.

Dr. Geetu Raj
MBBS,MRCPI MRCOG, MICOG, DOWH | NMC Royal Womens Hospital, Abu Dhabi
September 2018

I was one of Dr. Sowmya’s very first student. It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me. I want you to know that I have learnt so much from all of Dr. Sowmya’s constructive input and guidance throughout each session of the course and used to be like a mock circuit everytime. Dr. Sowmya and StudyMRCOG have helped me to understand where my strengths and weaker aspects lie, and what areas of my answering questions I need to pay attention to. Thank you for reshaping me and preparing me for the worst. Thank you for making this course so enjoyable and at the same time more fruitful. Good luck for Dr. Sowmya and StudyMRCOG keep continuing your good work. I would recommend everyone who is preparing for Part3 MRCOG to join with Dr. Sowmya and StudyMRCOG.

Dr.Kavitha Nagarajan
MD(OBG), fellowship in Reproductive Medicine | Consultant Reproductive Medicine | Womens center, Salem, Tamilnadu
September 2018

I would recommend StudyMRCOG full course to everyone appearing for the Part-3 Mrcog exam. I sincerely thank Dr. Sowmya for helping me to pass Part 3 in my first attempt. When I started to prepare, I had no idea how to go about it or how to cover so many guidelines and resources and stations in such limited time but Dr. Sowmya guided many of us perfectly. Unlike other courses, she practices common stations with us, in multiple groups of very few candidates so I can honestly say that we all got individual attention and each of us were corrected about our errors in an individualized way. Even the session timings were adjusted as far as possible to our convenience every day. And I found this everyday practice with frank feedback very useful. They were always available for help at any odd hours even if inconvenient to them.
Thank you so much Dr. Sowmya helping me achieve my MRCOG dream.

Dr. Indira Vijayakrishnan
MBBS, DGO, Dip in Laparoscopy (Germany), MRCOG | Medical Superintendent,Consultant Gynaecologist,Infertility specialist, Laparoscopic Surgeon, AMAR Maternity and Fertility Centre, Attingal, Kerala
May 2018

Thanks to Dr.Sowmya without you it would have been very difficult to clear the exam.
When I joined the course I had no idea what was it all about. But Dr.Sowmya really put a lot of effort and helped me and by God’s grace I cleared my exams.

Dr. Priyatha Anand
May 2018

Much gratitude to Dr Sowmya and StudyMRCOG. Clueless to begin with, she guided me throughout this journey which has finally been fruitful. Thanks a lot.

Dr Smriti
May 2018

Kudos to Dr.Sowmya and StudyMRCOG online course. For a non-UK candidate like me the classes made it very clear as to what are the areas we need to work. The online class which encompassed every module was very structured and focused. The critical feedback you gave after every class was a instigation to perform better and I wish Studymrcog helps many more candidates to achieve their goal. Thanking my mentor Dr.Sowmya once again and God bless her.

Dr. Gayathri kamath
DGO, MD, FCPS | Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Fortis hospital, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore
May 2018

I decided to give exam a bit latter and was not able to book any course. I called Dr.Sowmya but unfortunately was not able to talk to her. But i would say I was lucky enough to get a call from her end and a place in her classes. I really followed her and I am really glad and proud of my decision. Classes started and really they were very helpful in each and every aspect.
When you keep on listening to your mistakes again and again the more you learn. Thank you so much Dr.Sowmya for your great help and support. Thanks a lot again.

Dr. Priti
May 2018