I extend my gratitude & regards to the team studymrcog for assisting me achieve the first milestone towards MRCOG which is considered as gold standard in the field of obs& gyn.
The 3 months comprehensive course had immensely helped me. Their extensive library, daily telegram group activities ,monthly mocks, mega mocks and exam essential mocks are well structured covering all the aspects of the syllabus. The panel of dedicated mentors are always there to support us and clear our concepts For all the MRCOG Aspirants out there,l sincerely recommend this course Study mrcog team,
u guy’s are doing a great job. I wish u grow bigger &stronger with each passing day.

Dr samiksha sharma

It gives me great pleasure to say that StudyMRCOG helped me in passing the part 2 MRCOG in the first attempt. Like many others, I would have started studying and got discouraged on multiple occasions for the tags associated with this tough exam. Then I happen to stumble upon StudyMRCOG free orientation, which kind of gave me this final push towards the exam, with their consistent assurance that it’s not a difficult exam but a do-able one. I enrolled for their 4 months course, which was elaborate along with their extensive library online. They have an excellent panel of mentors who build you basic foundations, getting your concepts rights and are freely available to answer queries. Their online library is vast with summaries and question bank. The mentors keep you on a tight leash with the schedule making sure you are on track getting close to your goals.
Thanks to their continuous motivation and support.

Dr Ameya Sirsat

Thank you StudyMRCOG, all the mentors in MRCOG team, IT team for supporting us. Hope you will be with us till our exams

Dr. Yogapriya Venkatachalam

Thanks studyMRCOG team, it was nice studying as part of this team. Thanks to all mentors for their efforts. Hope all of us will successfully pass this first hurdle in our journey to MRCOG. Thanks.

Dr. Saima Waqar

Thank you all mentors and everyone else at TEAM MRCOG… Read More

Dr. Arthi

Thank you all MRCOG team. You all are very amazing n inspiring. Read More

Dr. Kirti

Thank you mam.. you are all passionate teachers. Read More

Dr. Sushma Nadagouda

Thank you all StudyMRCOG TEAM for all your motivation and kind words thank you for your effort.. Read More

Dr. Rania Ahmed

Thank you StudyMRCOG Team and all your team members for all the guidance and motivation given by all of you.Read More

Dr. Latha Prasanna

Finished mock mam. Thank you StudyMRCOG family and all the mentors of the team.Read More

Dr. Janani K S