STUDYMRCOG Refresher Workshop(5Days)

The 5-day Refresher Online Workshop is a highly intensive program which focuses on revisions and guidance and feedback on exam techniques. The training also covers group discussions of 42 stations and MRCOG guidelines conducted by our acclaimed and reputed tutor Dr. Sowmya N.S.

Our Refresher Workshop has enjoyed high pass rates over the years and is highly beneficial for candidates looking to brush up on their communication, extensive feedback on the 5 core skills and quick revision of the syllabus.

This program is beneficial for candidates who

  • Are looking for a comprehensive revision for MRCOG PART 3 exams

  • Have the knowledge and skill to pass written papers but need a brush-up of communication skills

  • Have no practice experience as OBGYN in the UK

Workshop Highlights

  • Duration 5 days

  • Limited candidates per batch

  • Covers 42 stations

  • All 14 core modules as per RCOG syllabus covered

  • Recording of each session available 24/7 in the online library

  • Revision sessions

  • Individualized feedbacks

  • Latest exam formats

  • Homework Assignments

  • Structured Discussions

  • Extensive Library with complications, templates and summeries

  • Videos and Audio Podcasts

Learning objectives

After completing this course you would have gained:

  • Experience in realistic clinical stations.

  • Understanding of time management techniques within stations

  • Understanding of the marking scheme for stations
  • Confidence to face examiners and present the stations

Benefits of StudyMRCOG RefresherWorkshop


StudyMRCOG supports you in preparing for MRCOG exams. StudyMRCOG can only provide you guidance in online booking procedures; booking a place in the exams is the sole responsibility of the candidates. StudyMRCOG is not obliged to repay the course fees if a candidate is unable to book a seat for the MRCOG exam.

Duration of Course: 5 Days

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