StudyMRCOG Ace (3-6 months)

StudyMRCOG Ace programme for MRCOG Part 3 is a long-term course and aims to cover more than 100+ stations and discuss 100+ cases as part of group activities. The programme focuses on improving your exam skills and techniques to maximise your chances of passing the MRCOG OSCE exam and being awarded Membership to the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. This programme is specifically designed for candidates who have the knowledge and skill to pass the written papers but fall behind / fail the OSCE due to various gaps in identifying and resolving RCOG guidelines.

This course is beneficial for candidates who

  • Are participating in the MRCOG PART 3 Exam
  • Have no practice experience as OBGYN in the UK
  • Have the knowledge and skill to pass written papers but fail the OSCE due to communication errors

Also Available

Listener Participants With Homework And 1 Practice Session With Chief Mentor

Course Highlights

  • Duration approx. 3-6 months

  • Limited students per batch.

  • Covers 100+ stations

  • 100+ cases discussed
  • Up to 4 sessions per month

  • Revision sessions

  • All 14 core modules as per RCOG syllabus covered

  • 2 sessions of Clinical Governance Workshop

  • Recording of each session @ your telegram study group

  • Individualized feedbacks

It is my immense pleasure to write this testimonial. I found StudyMRCOG course to be very much beneficial. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Sowmya. She is a great mentor and very dedicated to making sure that each candidate has good knowledge. She tries to replicate the exam scenarios by providing constant guidance, tips, and tricks on how to approach every individual station and giving detailed feedback on each domain.
The best thing about the mentor is that she analyzes you, appreciates you for your good points and helps you improve yourself.
Dr. Sowmya makes honest efforts for the success of each candidate.
The course covers all modules and all domains in detail. The method of her teaching helps you to be prepared for any module at any time. There are enough opportunities to perform all types of stations, including structured discussions and role player tasks.
The mentor knows the weak points of every candidate and provides feedback to correct that. She always emphasizes on safety points.
Dr. Sowmya spends extra time and efforts for all candidates to learn by group activity and emphasis on homework.
She provides useful leaflets and recommends websites for each type of topic, which is very helpful. She has introduced a library which is a very good source of information.
I recommend this course as one of the best courses to help in the long journey of MRCOG.

Dr. Fariha Altaf

I have joined Dr. Sowmya’s long term Part 3 course, 3 months back, along with my study partner. Before starting the course, we had no directions regarding where to start and what to do. But Dr. Sowmya understands that each candidate is different; she picks up their strengths and weaknesses so early and keeps on motivating them to do more and more practice. Her feedback is always unique and to the point. I don’t know whether I will pass or fail this attempt, but definitely, she has given the right direction for the exam preparation

Dr. Mrudula

Firstly thank you so much for the guidance and correcting the mistakes which I never realized previously, and during the classes.
The Long Term Course (Ace Program) was helpful to start studying and preparing for the exam as early as 6months.
Providing the topics based on modules further facilitated my studying.
The questions covered all the modules.
The count down that was set on the site was a unique idea. I used it to register for the exam. Not forgetting you, Dr. Sowmya, I’ll remember you every minute.
Thank you for the dedicated team


Before starting the course with Dr.Sowmya I was at a complete loss as to how to start a conversation with the role player.
Though I knew the theory (which we all do) I didn’t know how to apply it in the exam.
But after doing this course now I can work my way thru the entire history and also apply the clinical knowledge to counsel the patient.
Doing the course has certainly instilled a lot of confidence in me that I will be able to tackle any given scenario in the exam.
All the credit goes to Dr.Sowmya.
She will correctly identify your strengths n weakness and not give u a case which you are good at.
She will give u a task which you can’t do.
And that has helped me overcome my weakness!

I have been in association with Dr.sowmya course for 3 months. she is a wonderful guide for exam preparation. Her methodology is very practical n focussed on self-reading n developing your skills.she is quite particular abt performance n encourage us to read and practice more
I will strongly recommend her course
Dr.Megha Mathur

This is my 2nd time joining Studymrcog, they were not kidding when they said that we are like family. They were there to pick me up when I feel. Truth be told the 2nd time course was totally different compared to 1st time. Dr.Sowmya and the team go through great lengths to make sure there is a variety in the cases and its targetted to improved your weakness individually. That’s is the greatest strength of this course compared to others.

Dr. Shashi Indran Naidu

Thank you Dr.Sowmya for your continuous support
Your sessions help me a lot
It help me how to organized my thoughts and give me an idea about the exam
Also help me to think out of the box
Hopefully, my journey with your’s team end with big success

Dr. Seenaa Abdulbaqi

Learning objectives

After completing this course you would have gained:

  • Understanding of the 14 core modules

  • Understanding of the 5 core skill domains

  • Revamping clinical knowledge as per RCOG guidelines

  • Improving fundamental communication skills as per RCOG guidelines

  • Experience in realistic OSCE stations

  • Understanding of time management techniques within stations

  • Understanding of the marking scheme for stations

  • Clear and unified information on clinical governance

  • Improved understanding of NHS requirements

  • Confidence to face examiners and present the stations

Benefits of StudyMRCOG Ace programme

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