Twin Pregnancies

1. The rate of twin pregnancies is increasing worldwide , the current rate of twin pregnancies in Ireland is

2. Multiple pregnancies are high risk due to increase perinatal mortality and morbidity, the outcome is largely driven by

3. A 44 years old Para 0 has attended for her dating scan at 12 weeks , this is an IVF pregnancy and two day 5 blastocyst was transferred using donar eggs. The sonographer is not sure regarding the finding of the scan and has referred her to the fetal medicine unit due to the likelihood of monochorionic  diamniotic pregnancy , the factor which determine this type of pregnancy is

4. A 22 years old Para 1 has attended for her dating scan and to determine the chorionicity. The sonographer has seen no intertwin membrane between foetuses , this is

5. You are seeing a 36 yrs old para 5 at booking visit at 14 weeks who has monochorionic diamniotic pregnancy. After discussing the risks of twin pregnancy she is inquiring what is the important factor for preterm deliver in twin pregnancies :

6. Mrs Natalia 22yrs old para 1  had a normal anomaly scan at 21+2 weeks of her monochorionic diamniotic twins . No structural abnormality has been identified and she had a normal NIPT at 14 weeks . This is a spontaneous pregnancy and there are no signs of TTTS and IUGR . When should she have her next visit.

7. A 30 yrs old banker who is 25 weeks with MCDA twins has attended for her routine scan. Her previous scan was normal . Now you see twin one has DVP of 8 cm with AFI of 22 cm , twin two has DVP of 0.9 cm with oligohydramnios. How will you manage her pregnancy

8. Mrs Emily is 40 years old with MCDA twins , this is her 7 th cycle of IVF . She had a laser ablation at 18 weeks followed by PPROM at 18+2 weeks , the management in this case is

9. Mrs Sarah para 1 with previous C section 4 yrs ago has DCDA twins, you have made a plan for this pregnancy including delivery at what gestation :