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1. Woman with Bhcg 155 and after 48 hours  Bhcg is 270, no C/O lower abdominal pain, no gestational sac seen, no adnexal mass, no fluid in pouch of douglas:

2. A woman have got stillbirth at 34 weeks,her thrombophilia screening shows:
Protein C:normal
protein S :decreased
Anticardiolipin antibodies: -ve

3. Convex outline of uterus, lap and dye shows two uterine cavities:

4. Identify the type of placenta;

5. Patient have normal menstrual cycles but now she have amenorrhea for 8 months,she is taking metoclopramide and valproate for epilepsy,she have no visual symptoms,no hirsutism,her serum prolactin is 1000,your further management?

6. Patient have IUCD in place since 8 months and now she have C/O vaginal discharge ,your management

7. Patient with heavy menstrual bleeding: identify the picture

8. Pt have mild lower abdominal pain,have H/O irregular menstrual cycles,not taking ocps,these ultrasound findings indicate:

9. Minor PPh is called:

10. A 25 years old with chronic left lower abdominal pain for 3 months,she have previously received treatment for chlamydia,her ultrasound revealed a 4cm diffuse homogenous hypoechoic focal lesion with little fluid in pouch of douglas:

11. Direc most common cause of maternal death according to 2017 guideline:

12. Patient having severe pre- eclampsia symptoms, BP 160/110,blurring of vision, severe headache, pulse 85,she is known case of asthma, drug you will give to decrease her BP:

13. Placentation at site A is called:

14. Patient is low risk and she came for antenatal visit,her symphysiofundal height shown by this graph, what you will advise after looking this graph ?

15. Patient pregnant , PID due to gonorrhea, appropriate treatment:

16. Patient postpartum and is breast feeding,have CT scan due to some reason ,regarding breast feeding you will advise

17. A woman have multiple fibroids ,is planned for hysterectomy, she is on ulipristal acetate prior to have surgery which additional contraception you will advise:

18. Identify picture

19. Combined oral contraception can be used in woman had GTD: 

20. Senario of ovarian cyst of 4 cm;

21. Drug not given in 3rd trimester to treat UTI:

22. Patient came with pv bleeding at home,now pv bleeding is controlled and all signs clued about complete miscarriage,what will be your further management:

23. 30 years old  woman  having HMB that is disturbing her daily life routine,she is not going to plain family soon,your choice of  treatment:

24. Woman is 22 weeks pregnant,asked about alchohol intake during pregnancy:

25. When does the prophylactic dose of LMWH is stopped?

26. Identify the muscle;

27. Which structure devide the paravesical and para rectal pouches

28. The antibacterial action of BenzylPenicillin is due to its effect on? (SEPT 2017)

29. Which structure does not contain paracrine glands:

31. Sacral plexus situated behind which muscle :

32. Which line indicates the junction between hindgut  and lower anal canal: 

33. During laparoscpy surgeons have limitization of lymphectomy  on lateral abdominal wall due this structure:

34. The expected angle between brim of pelvis and horizontal line that is also the angle of vagina: 

35. Sacrotuberous and sacrospinous ligaments prevent from:

36. Which of the following structure passes immediately anterior to that marked in x ray: ( Arrow was marked over sacro iliac joint)

37. Which artery of internal iliac is mostely absent:

38. Atosiban is (SEPT 2017)

39. Hepatic artery is a branch of:

40. Rectus sheath is formed by:

41. Sacrospinous fixation, which artery is close to it and is prone to be ligated?

42. Difference between inguinal and femoral hernia:





Superior and medial to pubic tubercle

inferior and lateral to pubic tubercle


Inferior and lateral to pubic tubercle                       

Superior and medial to pubic tubercle


Superior and lateral to pubic tubercle                     

Inferior and Medial to pubic tubercle

43. Left uterine vein drain into :

44. Rate limiting step in urea synthesis:

45. Important function of glucagon :

46. RNA analysis:

47. Prostaglandins are synthesized from:

48. Which organel can attach to tRNA and can synthesise protein:

49. Source of cholesterol in term fetus:

50. NO derived from :

51. Which vitamin given to prevent from wernickes encephalopathy:

52. Essential Fatty acid OMEGA 3:

53. Bending used for Cytogenic analysis:

54. DNA replicates:

55. CRISP/Cas :

56. Biological active form of vit d:

57. Bile salts produced by liver:

58. Which of the following metabolic processes produce the most energy needed for uterine contraction: 

59. Diagnostic test for megaloblatic anaemia :

60. At 4 weeks primordial germ cells are within what structure:

61. Major contribution to amniotic fluid by fetal urine:

62. Monozygotic dichorionic twins  is formed at:

63. In lateral wall of vagina remnant of mesonephric ducts:

64. Anterior pituitary start to  develop from:

65. Fetus start to produce urine:

66. Ductus arteriosus is between which structures:

67. Lower 2/3 of vagina develop from:

68. Posterior fontanelle closes by:

69. New drug 0.8, placebo drug 0.65, calculate absolute risk reduction:

70. Laparoscopy sensitivity 90 %,specificity 90 %,what will be false positive rate?

71. When does the Odds ratio approximate risk ratio:

72. 30-year-old woman with bipolar disorder is 12-week pregnant. She has been taken her lithium every night. Which of the following abnormality may occur if she continues to take lithium? (SEPT 2017)

73. Histogram shows which variable:

74. Type 1 error:

75. A 7 week pregnant women with history of previous two miscarriage. Ultrasound showed... (SEPT 2017)

What is the most likely karyotype ?

76. Statistical heterogeneity indicate: 

77. Gestational age is:

78. Odds ratio calculation answer was :

79. A couple visited fertility clinic, woman have normal investigations and examination, the picture showing kelinfelters features, asked about what will be results in man:





















80. Throid profile in pregnancy is checked by:

81. Which hormone decrease osteoclast activity and inc cartilage deposition at the end of long bones in term fetus:

82. In girls puberty indicated by:

83. Progesterone is increased maximum upto:

84. Half life of LH:

85. GnRH other than brain is synthesized in which abdominal structure?

86. Which hormone leads to nutrient transfer from mother to fetus:

87. Primary aldosteronism features:  

88. Calcitonin produced by:

89. Percentage of T3 free:

90. FNN act through :

91. Hormone raised in post menopausal woman :

92. In pregnancy normal physiological changes;

93. How many days it takes resting follicle stage to ovulation:

94. Which type of cell junctions help in transmission of small molecules from cell to cell in placenta:

95. Free fatty acids transferred from maternal to fetal circulation:

96. Correct sequence of sperm peneterates the oocyte:

97. What is the primary haemoglobin at 32 weeks of gestation:

98. What is the component of placental barrier at term:

99. Amino Acids tranfer through placenta by:

100. Left side deviation of Oxygen dissociation curve due to ;