1. Regarding fibroids, all are incorrect except

2. Uterine fibroids undergo many degenerations or changes. Which is a change
not occurring in uterine fibroids?

3. A 60 years old presents with erythematous erosive Lichen planus on the
vulva. What type of cancer is linked to Lichen planus?

4. Which type of HPV causes cervical carcinoma?

5. A 65 years old nulliparous woman presents with vaginal spotting. A
hysterectomy is performed & pathologic examination of the removed uterus
reveals heterologous components of a malignant tumour of the endometrial
glands & metaplastic cartilage. Which of the following is the most likely

6. Which pattern of endometrium is simple endometrial hyperplasia most likely
to resemble?

7. Probability of sarcomatous change occurring in a fibroid is

8. Schiller Duval bodies are found in

9. Transformation Zone

10. What is the further management of a 25 year old girl who has tested positive for HPV at the first screening test. Her cervical cytology is normal.