Welcome to your Antimicrobial Prescribing Guidelines


2. Antibiotic of choice for group A streptococcus

3. Patient took rubella vaccine in luteal phase of cycle-and presents with urine Pregnancy test positive ,what is your advice ?

4. A woman who came from a country in the developing world had just had an emergency Caesarean section for failure to progress. She was not sure if she had a past varicella zoster virus (VZV) infection. She has been tested and found to be nonimmune. She requests postpartum vaccination. What is your advice for breastfeeding?

5. Para 1+0 9 weeks gestation booking request pertussis Vacine what advice do you give her

6. A 26 year old lady is going to work abroad for three months. She is currently 12 weeks pregnant and is enquiring about vaccination.Which of these vaccinations is contraindicated in pregnancy?

7. Pt is 34 weeks pregnant. Admitted with PPROM. She is not in labour. What is your next management?

8. Woman who is 16 weeks pregnant has a urine culture showing an Escherichia coli bacteria concentration of 105 CFU/mL. She is completely asymptomatic and was reluctant to receive antibiotic treatment.What will you say to her?

9. Young patient with RIF pain for the last 24 hours. Appendicectomy is already done. Left oophorectomy due to dermoid cyst. Severe pain and guarding on examination. USG not possible until the next day. WHAt is your management?

10. Patient postpartum, lactating with sharp shooting bilateral breast pain. She is on Co- Amoxiclav for 5 days with no relief. What possible cause?