1. Boundaries of ischiorectal fossa

2. Structures passing over pelvic brim

3. Urogenital diaphragm

4. Ovarian vessels

5. Course of the ureter in females

6. Branches of anterior division of internal iliac artery except

7. Relation of abdominal aorta to surrounding structures ,all are true except

8. With regard to origin of perineal muscles,following are true except

9. Contents of inguinal canal are all except

10. Boundaries of inguinal canal.all are wrong except

11. In the female pelvis ,all are true except

12. The femoral triangle, all are true except

13. Regarding the pelvis

14. In anterior abdominal wall

15. In the uterus

16. The ureter

17. Anterior abdominal muscles help in

18. Which is the most powerful ligament in the body?

19. Area between the labia minora is called

20. To avoid injury to inferior epigastric vessels while doing paracentesis,the needle must pass

21. Transpyloric plane ,marks termination of spinal cord & corresponds to

22. Abdominal aorta bifurcates at level of plane of Iliac crests which is

23. Smallest diameter of fetal head presents with

24. Aorta bifurcates into right & left common iliac artery at

25. Epidural space is situated between