In line with our aim of Learning Made Simpler, we bring you a podcast series of case summaries prepared exclusively by our mentors. You can listen to these audios at your convenience anytime anywhere; while you are driving, exercising, during breaks, just about anywhere. These summaries are ideal for the busy ObGyns who find it difficult to take time out for reading materials. The audio series is available in 2 convenient packs – Starter pack of 28 stations (2 summaries from each module); and Full pack of 42 stations (3 summaries from each module). The topic details are mentioned in the respective charts.

Station Names Circuit 1 Circuit 2
Teaching WPBA assessment Forest plot
Core Surgical Skills MVA Steps of Abdominal Hysterectomy – Structured Discussion
Postoperative Care Bleeding with Jehowahs’ Enhanced recovery Programme
Antenatal Care IUGR Domestic Violence – PST
Maternal Medicine Renal transplant preconception counselling Thyroid disorder in pregnancy – SD
Management of Labour VBAC vs Elective CS CS at full cervical dilatation – SD
Management of Delivery Cord prolapse Undiagnosed vaginal breech – PST
Postpartum Problems OASIS Post-partum Voiding dysfunction – SD
Gynaecological Problems Lichen sclerosis PCOS – PST
Subfertility POF Same Sex couple – PST
Sexual & Reproductive Health Acute pelvic infection-sti screening and treatment Emergency contraception
Early Pregnancy Care Hyperemesis Unruptured ectopic pregnancy – PST
Gynaecological Oncology Breast cancer and pregnancy Risk reducing bilateral salpingo-ophorectomy in a woman with BRCA positive – PST
Urogynaecology & Pelvic Floor Problems PP voiding dysfunction Fecal incontinence Urethral diverticulum – PST