On popular demand from our students, we bring to you a series of case discussions videos shot and made by professionals. The videos are made as per real exam scenarios and help you understand what to expect during the clinical exam stations. The high-quality videos feature our mentors, and you can ‘watch and learn’, rather than just read how to present stations at the exam. The videos give you the flexibility of learning at your own pace and convenience; you can watch whenever and how many times you need. The video series is available in 2 convenient packs – Starter pack of 28 stations (2 stations from each module); and Full pack of 42 stations (3 stations from each module). The topic details are mentioned in the respective charts.

Station Names Circuit 1 Circuit 2 Circuit 3
Teaching Neonatal resuscitation Pessary insertion MDT form teaching and bullying
Core Surgical Skills Gyane operation list Abdominal hysterectomy-D Ureteric injury-Sow
Postoperative Care Jehovah’s Witness Uterine perforation during evacuation Legal power of attorney
Antenatal Care Booking Pregnancy with spina bifida Domestic Violence FGM
Maternal Medicine Booking visit pulmonary hypertension Asthma in pregnancy Pregnancy with Carrier of hemophilia A
Management of Labour Antepartum Hemorrhage Negotiation for home birth in a woman with previous LSCS Mechanism of labour and face
Management of Delivery Labour ward prioritisation Shoulder dystocia Consent for CS
Postpartum Problems Perinatal Mental Health, Puerperal Psychosis Postmortem Consent Third degree perineal tear
Gynaecological Problems Premenstrual syndrome Androgen insensitivity syndromfrom library Consent form hysterectomy
Subfertility Fibroid uterus Same sex couple PCOS, Septate uterus
Sexual & Reproductive Health Emergency contraception REVERSAL for sterilisation Pelvic inflammatory disease
Early Pregnancy Care Surgical Termination of pregnancy Recurrent pregnancy loss Hyperemesis gravidarum with molar pregnancy
Gynaecological Oncology Cancer cervix in young women Lichen sclerosis Metallic valve- preconception counselling
Urogynaecology & Pelvic Floor Problems Overactive bladder Vesico vaginal fistula Mesh erosion