FCPS One On One Session – 5 Case Discussion Pack

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Band A –  Pakistan Nationals working within Pakistan
Band B – Pakistan Nationals Working outside Pakistan or Other Nationals

Note: Please choose your band carefully prior purchasing the product based on the country you belong.

Any intentional or unintentional selection (wrong) shall lead to restricting or revoking your access immediately or in near future. Please contact the below email or phone if you have any queries

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Course Features

  • Privilege to choose the required mentors from our mentors panel.

  • Privilege to choose the required stations.

  • Privilege to prefer the convenient time for the session.

  • Live Classes with full access to session recordings (7 Days)

  • 24/7 IT support with web chat integration to solve your technical issues instantly.

  • Formalized written feedback at the end of the session.

Our Course Library Features

  • Extensive Course Library with LMS Integration
  • Case Templates covering all modules.
  • Case templates podcasts specially design by our finest mentors.
  • PIL Summaries designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K
  • PIL Podcasts designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K
  • Exam Essentials
  • Preparatory Videos – 50+ Hours. Exam Oriented videos covering the critical and important learning aspect.
  • Session Recordings and Presentations

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