Dear Learners,

The COVID-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in our history and undoubtedly, it’s a source of a great deal of anxiety for many people, for many reasons. We empathize with the uncertainty, unpredictability and shadow it is casting over lives across the world and a tip of the hat on behalf of Team StudyMRCOG for the sacrifices you make, every day. Your dedication, commitment and courage deserve our deepest gratitude and admiration. Your service to the society is countless and making thousands of differences.  StudyMRCOG reinstates that we always stand with the students in all circumstances and introduced COVID 19 Students discount program as our CSR program to help the students who are affected by the pandemic. (Refer below for more details)

When things are bad, remember it won’t always be this way. Take one day at a time and “this time shall also pass”

Announcement MRCOG Part 1 & 2 Exam July 2020 postponement

As a result of the increased spread of COVID-19 the RCOG has taken the difficult decision to postpone the MRCOG Part 1 & 2 exam originally due to take place on 06 July 2020, with a new date scheduled for the 26 & 27 September respectively.

More time is something else everyone seems to take for granted !!!

Aspirants, gain your time for things that matters, focus and don’t relent. Enhance your recall skills, revise the sessions and always bear in your mind that StudyMRCOG will be always with you at all times and for certain we are ought to be glad to help you.

It is a big leap forward>>>>An access to information any time anywhere

StudyMRCOG is pleased to inform LMS(a system concept emerged directly from e-Learning)in to the system to enhance the user interface. Now you can share your opinion, collaborate on different tasks and stay updated with the latest from Mentors and fellow students. Yet more… Specially designed rich and engaging content that’s uploaded makes learning more effective and foremost more involved. It takes us a lot of effort, a lot of perseverance and a lot of consistency to reach this stage. Study MRCOG is sparing no effort to make it yield results, so students we urge you to make the best of it

Hurray! Aspirants, another introduction from StudyMRCOG. We are delighted to inform of the first time ever introduction of Specific podcasts on summaries (GTG, FSRH & NICE BAASH), a next step in creative learning.
In drawing things to a close you all have gone over and above our best expectations. I let you all know what a fantastic job you are doing. Bravo for the toppers of the Mock Exams held for the month of April and for the rest you could catch up! Specific Mock exams – Module wise, are scheduled from this month onwards and your performance are evaluated.
Always take on board that preparation is the key. I am proud of you all and so are our team.

“There is no challenge more challenging than the challenge to improve yourself”

Happy learning,


Clinical governance-your worst bug bear or your best buddy?

Working through my Part 3 preparation, the one topic which I found difficult to understand was Clinical Governance. Not just because it was a whole new concept,  but also because it was just too strange  to come in terms with. As adult learners we understand those concepts we practice in our day to day life better than something encountered …

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