StudyMEDIC E Courses Launched for all Parts of MRCOG; Written, OSCE of MRCPI OBG; Part 1, 2 of EFOG: Experience a New Mode of Digital Education

Comprising the complete course syllabus in a wide range of formats; StudyMEDIC E Courses remain the best option for medical aspirants pursuing international premier medical education courses such as MRCOG, MRCPI OBG, and EFOG.

Unlike any other profession, doctors and medical professionals have the most unplanned schedule as anytime they can expect an emergency call and may have to rush to the hospital for saving a life by providing urgent and timely medical care. This unpredicted schedule most often conflicts with their higher studies. StudyMEDIC E Courses become the perfect solution at this point.

Sadly, even in this digital era, not many online courses are available for premier medical education courses. The few available ones are not up to the standards or are of low quality and they do not help students prepare for the exam. We have launched the E Courses as a solution to address the requirements of medical aspirants.

Our New E Courses

StudyMEDIC has launched E Courses for seven exams including Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 of MRCOG; OSCE and Written of MRCPI OBG -2 exam; and Part 1 and Part 2 of EFOG exam.

  • MRCOG -1 E Course: Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (MRCOG) is the golden membership of OBG specialists and is internationally accepted. Part 1 is the first step to attain MRCOG or to become a member of RCOG. Our E Course help you study at your own pace.
  • MRCOG -2 E Course: Our E Course for Part 2 will help students prepare well for the exam. Comparatively, Part 2 Exam is tougher and so requires better preparation to clear the exam.
  • MRCOG -3 E Course: Being the final exam, MRCOG Part 3 requires the best course for students to prepare well. Our E Course comes handy for students who struggle to study due to their busy schedules. It helps them study and prepare for the exam at their own convenience.
  • MRCPI OBG -2 Written E Course: Our e course is the first ever e course in the history of MRCPI OBG. Our course will help you prepare for the MRCPI OBG 2 Written Exam.
  • MRCPI OBG -2 OSCE E Course: Following the guidelines of RCPI OSCE Exam pattern and syllabus by cent percent; our E Course helps medical aspirants prepare for the Membership Exam of RCPI.
  • EFOG Part 1 E Course: The popularity of European Fellowship of Obstetrics and Gynaecology (EFOG) exam by the European Board and College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (EBCOG) is on the rise as it opens a wider door to professional and career growth. Our well-planned e Course eases your exam preparation struggles.
  • EFOG Part 2 E Course: Having top quality study materials in all formats like videos, summaries, audio podcasts and more; our e Course is the best option for preparing for EFOG Part 2 exam. Our e Course follows the latest and most updated curriculum of EBCOG.

Why Take International Membership Courses?

Often termed as the golden standard examinations for OBG specialists; international membership courses like MRCOG, MRCPI, or EFOG add more value to one’s status and professional career.

They not only sharpen the skills and improve the knowledge of the medical aspirants, but also help them move upwards in their career ladder. Anyone with a membership like MRCOG, MRCPI, EFOG or any other membership; normally fetches better salary intake.

Why StudyMEDIC E Courses?

Our E courses have quality study materials in various formats like videos, audio podcasts, summaries, mocks, flashcards, case templates, PILs, exam essentials and more. We have made our e courses as perfect as possible and as any medical education aspirant would want it to be.

In addition to it and most importantly, each of our e courses is supported by the most advanced Learning Management System (LMS), Mobile App, StudyMEDIC OSCE Exam App, eBooks and other advanced digital platforms.

Ever since its inception, StudyMEDIC believes in providing quality education and envisions creating a learning environment where everyone gets equal access to pursue premier medical education. Being the pioneer and leader in the industry, we always ensure the most advanced learning experience to our students helping them find success.