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Do you substantiate these when you are choosing a course provider?? If no you should….
Knowledge and education are of paramount importance for an individual and to the community. When it comes to medical educations the implication of the learning platform is much more indispensable. Impeccable research or survey to be conducted by each and every aspirant prior to choose a learning platform. As No 1 training provider for MRCOG, MRCPI, FCPS OBG and EBCOG courses, we always initiate new challenges to the market favoring the needs of students, We innovate new technologies, introduce new course patterns and we consistently deliver live free sessions and free group activities which is the only reason that we have got 50+K following in multiple social media platforms.
Here we are taking you through some of the criteria’s that aspirants need to consider when choosing the best platform.
Criteria’s to look for are,

  • Mentors to student ratio
  • Number of passing students
  • Study patterns and Study Materials
  • Day to Day Support with Quick Response

Mentors to Student Ratio

Needless to mention, it has been reasonably demonstrated that learners are more likely to learn better when personal attention is rendered to them, especially in the case of a slow learner or late bloomer. And this calls for factors that include having an ideal student-teacher ratio. One mentor against 20-40 students is not an ideal scenario for e-learning which is why StudyMRCOG mentor’s panel (17+) becomes the most effective platform.

Number of Passing Students

Passing percentage is the whole outcome where an aspirant can evaluate the effectiveness of the course. Our Success rate is 92%+ for MRCOG, MRCPI & FCPS OBG courses which is the best in the industry. We are achieving this through our strenuous effort and our vast study materials furnished in our StudyMRCOG course library.

Study Patterns and Study Materials

The only moto is to make learning simpler and enjoyable is by choosing a correct study pattern with adequate resources to study. Many course providers focusing on delivering only live sessions and advising the students to attend or listen to the recordings. But StudyMRCOG differs from this by a long margin our specially designed course pattern consists of

  • Extensive course library Support
  • Periodic Mock programs (5+)
  • Private Study Group Support
  • Daily Homework Programs
  • Live Sessions
  • Performance Evaluation with Feedback

This is one of the reasons that we Stand as “No 1 Overseas Online training provider for MRCOG, MRCPI, FCPS OBG & EBCOG Courses”.

Day to Day Support with Quick Response

Doing an online course may create a lot of concerns which includes technical issues, network issues etc. After joining a course, what normally happens is students will wander for help, but effective help will be very minimal. But for StudyMRCOG, we do have a functional “Students Support” division active 24/7 to attend all the live chats and concerns raised by the students. We make sure quick response to all our students so that opportunities for learning is much wider.

How are The Exam Results Going to Affect Us?

An open mindset is very much necessary when approaching an exam and its results. Result can be both ways it’s not completely in your hands, the judgement may vary with the perception of the examiner as well. So always think positive that you will cross the line with ease and celebrate among your family If you do so. If the result is not positive, just bear in mind that our education system has a really honest approach to making mistakes. Instead of a culture of blame, the focus is on the work that needs to be done to improve. So, with any mistake, however small, an honest and productive conversation is held to decide what lessons need to be learnt. This is a growth mindset approach. . Doing badly in the test does not mean that he/she as a person isn’t intelligent. But the work she did was not yet good enough to get a high grade.
The determination and resilience which we have that can encourage to develop, the reflective approach they can take about their learning, gives them more opportunity to succeed at a higher level. So perhaps next time you will be the one cheering on your success.

Happy Learning

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