Course Format

  • Exclusive orientation session focused on basics of and preparation for the OSCE

  • 15 long cases

  • 30 short cases

  • Audio/video recordings of sessions provided

  • Batches of upto 15 students only

Learning Objectives

After the course, candidates will have gained :

  • Understanding of curriculum of Basic Specialist Training in Obstetrics and Gynaecology
  • Knowledge and understanding of investigation,diagnosis, problem-solving, treatment as well as clinical and communication skills

  • Exam experience of performing long cases with detailed focus on patient history and examination within the timeframe

  • Experience in realistic OSCE circuit stations – both structured discussions as well as with role players

  • Understanding of time management within stations

  • Understanding of all types of stations including labor prioritization, risk management, and clinical governance

  • Clear and unified information on exam formats, resources and techniques


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