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The MRCOG Part 2 is a written exam which tests your theoretical knowledge as well as analytical and critical thinking and how you apply your knowledge in clinical scenarios. The candidates are required to have a thorough knowledge of the core modules, clinical skills, clinical governance and use of IT, audit and standards. Both the papers in Part 2 exam consist of SBAs and EMQs designed to test how you interpret information to arrive at the best answer out of all the right ones.

StudyMRCOG Part 2 course is designed to cover the lengthy syllabus as well as develop analytical and critical thinking, and application of clinical knowledge, with lots of self-assessment and practice questions. Get the benefits of well-stocked library, experienced mentors, homework, 24/7 online support, and private study groups

Orientation Session for MRCOG Part2 by Dr.Sowmya NS & Dr. Dhavashree V

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Duration of Course: 3 Months

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