MRCOG Part 3 ACE course is extensive and finest course plan designed by our best mentors panel for MRCOG courses with special guidance from NHS UK. This course plan covers all the topics thoroughly with “LIVE SESSIONS” and intense group activities. Learning with the aid of this course pattern enhances your chances of passing by 90% because we do not skip any in this course pattern. Our Best and finest MRCOG mentors makes your life easier with smart learning objectives.“LEARN WITH MASTERS”

Course Features

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StudyMRCOG OSCE Exam App Features

  • Scheduled Sessions are being conducted with the help of “StudyMRCOG OSCE EXAM APP” completely designed in RCOG exam new format. (T&C Apply)

  • Candidates will be able to attend 14 Stations same as real exam with the presence and interaction with Role players, examiners, and Lay examiners.

  • Fully Session with Examiners from Different parts of the Globe Which include U.K, Middle East, and India.
  • Every Stations are of 10 Minutes length and 2.5 minutes reading time for candidate instructions.
  • Review and Improvement techniques will be shared individually to the candidates at the end of the mock exam by the examiners panel.
  • Mock is entirely time bounded with feedback session at the completion of each station.
  • Visual and Audible alerts to ensure the candidate to stick within the time frame allocated for the exam.
  • Final feedback at the completion of the entire stations.

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Our Course Library Features

  • Extensive Course Library with LMS Integration

  • Syllabus compilations

  • Case Templates covering all modules.

  • Case templates podcasts specially design by our finest mentors.

  • PIL Summaries designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K

  • PIL Podcasts designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K

  • Exam Essentials

  • Preparatory Videos – 100+ Hours. Exam Oriented videos covering the critical and important learning aspect.
  • Session Recordings and Presentations