StudyMRCOG provides an exclusive opportunity to practice High yield Stations (42 Nos) with all the instructions. With this Stations, you can easily see and understand the below.

  • What exactly the examiner is going to ask during a structured discussion?
  • How the patient behaves in a patient simulated task?
  • What are the expectations and criteria that lay examiner will look into?
  • How the scoring of the stations will be done?

We deliver stations with all the above details in one single click right in front of you. Details of the stations are listed below. All the below stations were having detailed role player instructions and lay examiner description for you to understand and learn how to express your knowledge in real exams.

Circuit No Module Name Topic Type of Station
1 General Gynaecology Transgender population Patient simulated task
2 Oncology Long standing itch on biopsy VIN Patient simulated task
3 Subfertility Premature ovarian insufficiency Patient simulated task
4 Maternal Medicine Pre conceptional counselling of women with metallic heart valve Patient simulated task
5 Teaching Mechanism of labor and face presentation Teaching
6 Sexual and Rep Health Surgical termination of pregnancy Patient simulated task, Lay Examiner
7 Urogynaecology Vault prolapse with POPQ Assessment Patient simulated task, Lay Examiner
8 Core Surgical Skills Pre op rounds Structured discussion task
9 Early Pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy Patient simulated task
10 Management of Labour Extreme preterm birth Patient simulated task
11 Critical appraisal of paper Critical appraisal of paper Structured discussion task
12 Clinical Governance Workplace issues
13 Maternal Medicine Malaria Structured discussion task
14 Postpartum Perineal tear Patient simulated task
15 Teaching & Oncology Colposcopy teaching station
16 Subfertility Male infertility – AZOOSPERMIA Patient simulated task
17 Maternal Medicine Spina bifida Patient simulated task
18 Postpartum Postpartum voiding dysfunction Structured discussion task
19 Sexual and Reproductive Health Child with herpes Structured discussion task
20 Maternal Medicine Maternal collapse Structured discussion task
21 Post op Care Ureteric injury Structured discussion task
22 General Gynaecology Pelvic mass with difficulty Patient simulated task
23 Antenatal Care Twin to twin transfusion Structured Discussion task
24 Management of Delivery Consent for instrumental delivery Patient simulated task, Lay Examiner
25 Management of Labor Labor ward prioritization Structured discussion task
26 Postop Care Complication after vaginal hysterectomy Structured discussion task
27 Core Surgical Skills Pre op list Structured discussion task
28 Postpartum & Clinical Governance Risk Management and Audit Structured discussion task
29 Early Pregnancy Septic Miscarriage Structured discussion task
30 Clinical governance Maternity Dashboard Structured discussion task
31 Core Surgical skills Abdominal Hysterectomy Structured discussion task
32 Subfertility OHSS Patient Simulated Task
33 Maternal medicine Diabetic ketoacidosis Structured discussion task
34 Oncology High grade Dyskaryosis Patient Simulated Task
35 Post Op Enhanced Recovery Structured discussion task
36 Oncology + Maternal Medicine Patient Simulated Task
37 Labor and Delivery PPROM Patient Simulated Task
38 Early pregnancy Structured discussion task
39 General Gynecology Fibroid uterus Structured discussion task
40 Clinical governance Legal power of attorney Structured discussion task
41 Maternal medicine Graves’ disease Patient Simulated Task
42 General Gynaecology Patient Simulated Task