Submitted by : Shirisha


Status epilepticus-1% of this

10fold increase r/o death- mc d/t SUDEP

MCC of death in labour is d/t gtcs

Na valproate – mcc for major congenital anomaly. Also for neurodevelopmental problems in the baby.(childhood autism)

Recurrence rate of major congenital anomaly-16.8%

67% WWE with seizures will not worsen in pregnancy

WWE with 10yrs seizure free(5yrs off AED)- reclassified to non-epileptic

Folic acid to be started from 3m(not 1m) before conception to 3m after (5mg/day)

WWE on AED has increased r/0

Fgr(3.5times serial growth scan)



NICU admission

Wwe on AED polytherapy has increased r/o cs

Seizure in labour:

R/0- 1-2%

Doc- bzd(clobazam)

Analgesia- do not give pethidine im

and in GA- pethidine ,ketamine,sevo to be avoided

Postpartum seizures more by 1-2%above intrapartum

If AED dose was increased in pregnancy-liaise with neurologist within 10days to prevent AED toxicity.