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Fully Mentor Guided courses (6+ mentors) with 92% + success rate. Limited sessions and more Pre Recorded Materials
Enhanced course library support with LMS integration and all study materials in one location. (Summaries, podcasts (60+), Mock Questions (2000+ SBA), Prep Videos (50+ Hours), image Bank (1000+ Images)
Periodic Mock programs throughout the course, (Pre-Assessment Mocks, Monthly mocks, Mega Mock, Exam essential mock) – 7+ Mocks in new RCOG online Exam Format Limited mocks – two or less mocks
Exclusive Sessions on Biostatistics and Biochemistry by reputed and expert mentors
Private Study Group support with mentor’s participation and homework.
Performance Evaluation with One-on-One individual feedbacks from mentors.
Access to Session recordings and Session presentations Limited Access to Session Recordings No Access to Session Presentations
Exclusive and validated Mock products such as Mega Mock (1000+ SBA), Module Mock (300 SBA) and other study materials for Students to subscribe.
24/7 IT and operations assistance to resolve your concerns.
Motivational and Destress session exclusive for the students.
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