FCPS OBG Part 2 Written Products Highlights

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Course Highlights

Mentor-guided courses with more than 90% Success rate.

Comprehensive Structured course library.

User Friendly easy to access library with LMS Integration.

Access to Syllabus compilation with important videos or web links to refer with.

Access to all guideline-based summaries such as GTG, FSRH, BAASH, NICE & TOG.

Access to 1000+ SBA’s and EMQ’s for Familiarization and practicing with mentor’s assistance.

Access to Audio podcasts for guideline-based summaries such as GTG, FSRH, BAASH, NICE & TOG)

Access to preparatory Videos (50+ Hours)

Access to 1000+ Extra questions for references and practices.

Access to Multiple mock exams (Module wise Mock, mega Mock).

Access to Active private study group support with mentor’s assistance as a group learning platform

Expertized competent mentors (Globally) with 24/7 assistance

More number of Classes/Sessions than any other course provider with minimal course fee.

Regular homework and feedback on the same for thorough preparation.

24/7 online IT support to resolve the students concerns

Daily Activities

  • Daily schedule of topics which is planned to discussed shall be published 10 days before

  • Regular daily homework questions on discussion topics

  • Good concise presentations

  • Questions will be discussed in the class which gives all the students to share their aspects and answers on the questions.

Audio Podcasts

  • Exclusive podcasts for all guideline summaries such

    • GTG Guideline Summaries
    • NICE Guideline Summaries
    • FSRH Guideline Summaries
    • TOG Summaries
    • BAASH Guideline Summaries
    • Oncology summaries
  • Designed by StudyMRCOG mentors’ panel by selecting key and important topics associated with each guideline summaries.

  • Developed by Expertized StudyMRCOG globally recognized mentor’s panel

  • Innovative learning experience with clear voice over without any background interferences.

  • Easy hands-free learning with less effort and least time consuming.


StudyMRCOG believes the common term “practice makes perfect”. We are introducing extensive Mega mock packages where every FCPS OBG aspirant can go through and practice.

  • Designed by StudyMRCOG mentors’ panel by maintaining high quality standard questions of all variety of questions covering all hot topics!!!

  • Designed by StudyMRCOG mentors’ panel by covering all the important topics associated both with guidelines and knowledge-based areas.

  • Designed as same pattern for CPSP exams which benefits the students to practice and attend on designed timeline.
  • Designed to attend each paper based on student convenience.

  • 24/7 online IT support to resolve the students concerns

  • Able to understand and demonstrate your individual capabilities through a performance scorecard at the end of the mock session.


College produces guidelines as an aid to good clinical practice. RCOG guidelines present recognized methods and techniques for clinical practice, based on published evidence, for consideration by obstetricians/gynecologists and other relevant health professionals

StudyMRCOG introduces an easy way to read and understand all the available guidelines which helps the FCPS OBG aspirants to clear the exams at one go.

  • Designed by StudyMRCOG mentors’ panel by considering all the important topics covering the guideline summaries.

  • Comprehensive and easy to understand.

  • Designed by considering the relevant topics on each guideline which are considered highly essential for exams.
  • Structured for Easy Revision and content management.

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