FCPS OBG Part 2 VIVA – One On One Session is designed by our chief mentor which gives our students/aspirants more privilege to choose their own mentors and stations. We know that every person like their own way of learning and mentoring which is why this product is on the most chosen from StudyMRCOG. By doing this virtual class you will get the feel of attending the exam in a real case scenario. If you think you need to attend the stations individually with our mentors, then this is the golden opportunity. Don’t Miss it. “LEARN WITH MASTERS”

Course Features

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Our Course Library Features

  • Extensive Course Library with LMS Integration

  • Case Templates covering all modules.

  • Case templates podcasts specially design by our finest mentors.

  • PIL Summaries designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K

  • PIL Podcasts designed by our Mentor from NHS U.K

  • Exam Essentials

  • Preparatory Videos – 50+ Hours. Exam Oriented videos covering the critical and important learning aspect.

  • Session Recordings and Presentations