FAQ‘s for StudyMRCOG General Course Library, Audio and Video Podcast Extensions Due Unexpected To COVID – 19 Pandemic Situation

As we had promised you during MRCOG Part 3 course subscription/sign up, library access would be made available to you till the next session exam which was supposed to happen in this May 2020. Since the exam was postponed due to COVID- 19 Pandemic you will still have access till 14th May 2020

We have various offers to cater to your needs, for General Course Library access can be extended as per following charges v/s your choices of access durations.

24.99 GBP per month

59.99 GBP for 3 months

79.99 GBP for 4 months or till session exams whichever is later.

This is an exceptional offer exclusively for StudyMRCOG students to support and accelerate their MRCOG Part 3 Exam preparations charges as below.

99.99 GBP per month

299.99 GBP for 4 months or till session exams whichever is later

It means that you will be having library access until the next session of MRCOG Part 3 exams.

For example, if the college announces the MRCOG Part 3 exam in coming September 2020 (tentative) you will have a subscription till that exam.

If in case you couldn’t able to book your seat or enrol in next session MRCOG Part 3 exam your subscription will be auto cancelled, for future subscriptions please contact one of our team member or mail us on [email protected]

Sorry…!! We can’t provide such long StudyMRCOG course library access till next year, if you wish, you can extend it monthly basis or you can subscribe in accordance with your exam plan but charges will be applied.

We always strive to provide the best to our students at a very nominal fees. As the material amount is huge at StudyMRCOG Course Library, we need to pay for maintenance and storage space FEE at various 3rd party supported web portals and we do input lot of working hours on this from our IT team pool which also cost us extra charges.

We don’t want you cut off from your preparation and access as the course is finished as we agreed. We want you to be on track as well as to keep your preparations going on. For all this to maintain in a professional way that required minimal maintenance fees

Yes, if the selected extension fee is more than 150 GBP you have the choice of opting the part payment but total FEE should be submitted within 1 month/30 days from the first payment.

We do understand your financial constraints, drop us an amicable email or contact one of our team member if you wish obtain part payment, we shall discuss to you regarding the best possible way forward.

You can reach us at [email protected]

NO, we have carefully selected topics that are important to you so that you will become perfect with your practice.

We cover all different exam tested tasks within the course which you can perform with mentors.

The advantage of this audio and video library is you get to understand non-verbal communications as well as the proper way of handling all situations, as well you can.

Listen to this and watch this when you are doing other daily routine chores!!!