EFOG Part 1 – 3 Months plus is the best and sole trustworthy course with unique study design with explicit learning materials and quality mentorship. This course offers you a complete pack of study materials, full access to all the session recordings and much more. We are in the process of EFOGoriented book series which is a complete FREE exclusive product for our students. Our Live classes delivered the best EFOG mentors makes your learning easier and more enjoyable. “LEARN WITH MASTERS”

Course Features

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Our Course Library Features

  • Extensive Course Library with LMS Integration

  • 1000+ SBA’s & EMQ’s for our students to practice with equally distributed questions covering all modules.

  • Specially designed easy to learn summaries on all guidelines and knowledge based areas.

  • Easy to learn Podcasts on all guidelines and knowledge based areas. (Prepared by our mentors panel)

  • 1000+ Extra Questions (SBA’s & EMQ’s) covering all modules – (A Students Exclusive Product)

  • Preparatory Videos – 50+ Hours. Exam Oriented videos covering the critical and important learning aspect.

  • Session Recordings and Presentations

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