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Smoking & Pregnancy


“Mother Can Be Her Babys Worst Enemy” Smoking During Pregnancy!!! OMG There has been a lot of myths about Smoking while being pregnant out of which some of them are,I’m pregnant and have been smoking, so thereis no point in stopping now!!!Quitting smoking will be too stressful on my baby!!!Smoking fewer cigarettes or switching toe-cigarettes during pregnancy is OK!!!Smoking relaxes me and being relaxed is better for me and my baby!!!There is nothing wrong with having a small baby!!! A Study reveals that between 10-18% of patients smoke during their pregnancy despite knowing that smoking [...]

Smoking & Pregnancy2020-11-23T18:13:04+05:30

Life Beyond Breast Cancer


Every October, people all over the world show their support for people affected by breast cancer. “Wear it Pink” are some of the slogans which world uses to get attention and awareness among the community. For months, the coronavirus put many areas of breast cancer on pause. Now more than ever, we need people, communities, and businesses across the world to volunteer and spread awareness on this. Right now, well over half a million people are living with the devastating impact of breast cancer. And if that wasn’t heart-breaking enough, by the end of the year we’ll have lost around [...]

Life Beyond Breast Cancer2020-10-24T17:07:58+05:30

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!!!


Wednesday, September 30th is National Women’s Health & Fitness Day!!! Humans are very keen on maintaining a lot of criteria let’s say time, discipline, sleep etc but when it comes to health and fitness people are reluctant. Study reveals there are significant improvements comparing last 6 years statistics that nowadays some percentage of the world were thinking in right direction, but the major population still lacks or not follows health and fitness. StudyMRCOG would like to emphasize the importance of staying fit and maintaining a healthy diet plan especially when it comes to women during pregnancy. As rightly said “Physical [...]

Stay Fit, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!!!2020-09-25T15:24:22+05:30

Support Breastfeeding for a Healthier Planet


Our Lives as mothers are so hectic !!! which makes every second count and as Mothers it is very vital to schedule yourself in a manner to balance the official business and personal life. Breastfeeding provides every child with the best possible start in life. It delivers health, nutritional and emotional benefits to both children and mothers. StudyMRCOG thanks and respect all the mothers who bared immense pain in giving birth and molding their kids to be a better person in the society. A Big Salute to you all…. As rightly said “Bottles fill his stomach, but breastfeeding fills his [...]

Support Breastfeeding for a Healthier Planet2020-08-25T10:11:42+05:30

(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)


As rightly said “The beginning is the most important part of the work”, we have to start our studies by acquiring the maximum information which we can collect or gather. A good start aids for a smoother journey. Introduction to MRCPI (Obs & Gyns) – A Benchmark for Excellence MRCPI – Membership of Royal College of Physicians of Ireland The MRCPI Obstetrics and Gynaecology examination is accredited by the Medical Council of Ireland as the foremost knowledge-based assessment for Obstetrics and Gynaecology in Ireland. As per Ireland medical education structure, passing MRCPI enables you to enter higher specialist training. [...]

(Obstetrics & Gynaecology)



A SAMPLE TEMPLATE FOR MRCOG PART 1 StudyMRCOG developed the concept” PLANNING FOR LEARNING”to strengthen or rather provide a cemented strong and durable foundation to our students who is well aspired to achieve their milestones through rigorous study methods/programs. We design this method in such a way that it gives students a holistic approach so that their learning activity and assessment aligns with their final intended goal. Fill out the below information as a preliminary step to plan your journey A) When are you planning to attend the MRCOG part 1 Exams: DATE & YEAR [...]

StudyMRCOG – PLANNING FOR LEARNING2020-06-20T10:32:06+05:30

Clinical Governance-Your Worst Bug Bear or Your Best Buddy?


Clinical governance-your worst bug bear or your best buddy? Working through my Part 3 preparation, the one topic which I found difficult to understand was Clinical Governance. Not just because it was a whole new concept, but also because it was just too strange to come in terms with. As adult learners we understand those concepts we practice in our day to day life better than something encountered for the first time. Most overseas candidates would agree with me in no uncertain terms, that health care systems in our parent countries do not have Clinical Governance ingrained in them. This [...]

Clinical Governance-Your Worst Bug Bear or Your Best Buddy?2020-05-18T22:29:33+05:30

Unable to Clear MRCOG Part 2 After Attempting More Than once?


Unable to Clear MRCOG Part 2 After Attempting More Than Once? Here’s the solution The MRCOG Part 2 is a written exam which tests your theoretical knowledge as well as analytical and critical thinking. MRCOG Part 2 exam consists of SBAs and EMQs designed to test how you interpret information to arrive at the best answer out of all the right ones. Limiting your preparations based on study materials alone will not help you develop the technique required to clear the exams. Look no further. Join StudyMRCOG Part 2 mentor-guided sessions. StudyMRCOG Part 2 courses are mentor-guided online interactive sessions, designed [...]

Unable to Clear MRCOG Part 2 After Attempting More Than once?2020-05-09T17:53:13+05:30

Start Your MRCOG Part 1 on Boarding with StudyMRCOG


Start Your MRCOG Part 1 on Boarding with StudyMRCOG No.1 Overseas Training Provider for MRCOG & MRCPI Courses MRCOG Part 1 is the first step towards the much respected and in-demand MRCOG. Once the initial work around RCOG registration is over, candidates often find themselves at a loss on where to begin their preparations. The vast syllabus adds to the confusion. Usually, candidates end up opting for a course where they are provided with a lot of materials, some of which are outdated and minimum or no mentor support. This hardly helps as they are still faced with a load of [...]

Start Your MRCOG Part 1 on Boarding with StudyMRCOG2020-03-07T12:39:18+05:30

Why StudyMRCOG Doesn’t Offer Listener Participant For MRCOG Part 3


Why StudyMRCOG Doesn't Offer Listener Participant For MRCOG Part 3 With the recent changes in the syllabus, MRCOG exams are now more focussed on applied knowledge in clinical scenarios. This is especially true for MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Exam. The MRCOG Part 3 exam assesses your communication skills with patients and their relatives, and your colleagues. You should be able to gather information, arrive at diagnosis and management, communicate with the patient effectively and confidently, all within the allotted task time. You need to approach the MRCOG Part 3 in a special manner to be able to perform at the [...]

Why StudyMRCOG Doesn’t Offer Listener Participant For MRCOG Part 32020-02-05T14:12:03+05:30

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