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Tips to face SD cases in Part 3 exams


Know the Rules well, so that you can break them effectively As you know, half of the tasks are rumoured to be structured discussion cases in the coming Part 3 exam. Many candidates get nervous about the SD cases. However, there is really no need to get tensed, you just need to keep a few things in mind, and you can nail it. I have put down a few points to help you get through the structured discussions smoothly. What Is it? In this task the candidate interacts directly with a clinical examiner. The examiner will have [...]

Tips to face SD cases in Part 3 exams2019-10-09T12:39:29+00:00

How to deal with stations you have no idea?


Station you have no idea how to deal with? Once in a while, all of us are faced with a station, where we have no clue how and where to start. Remember it's just not you. With all your rigorous preparation, if something seems challenging for you,it will be for anyone else. The trick is, to not to lose your plot. Be systematic, be thorough, be safe , be empathetic. And slowly you will realize that things fall in place like the pieces of a jig saw puzzle. Let me give you an example. I had a teaching station [...]

How to deal with stations you have no idea?2019-10-08T14:15:40+00:00

Why StudyMRCOG


Why StudyMRCOG MRCOG is a highly valued and respected course. It is also a difficult one, with most candidates failing it due to communication issues in the OSCE. The amount of time and effort required for preparation is huge, and it becomes nearly impossible for candidates to study on their own along with their practice. The best way to prepare for MRCOG is to join preparatory courses; they guide you with the preparations, help to improve communication and conceptual knowledge, and keep you motivated and on track. With several tutorials available out there, the key is to find the right [...]

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Study Partner -Necessity or a myth?


Study Partner -Necessity or a myth? Many candidates have asked me regarding study partner , I have written down this which can clarify your thoughts, and makes your MRCOG journey easier. Now that you are getting ready for MRCOG Part3, it’s time to find yourself a study partner if you do not have somebody already from the previous exams. MRCOG Part 3 assesses your applied clinical knowledge and fundamental communication skills. Good communication skills with patients and families, and colleagues is a major focus. Group activities and revisions will help you achieve better performance in these skills, and a study [...]

Study Partner -Necessity or a myth?2019-09-28T07:41:24+00:00
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