The social unrest of 2020 touched us deeply and doubled our resolve to put equity, diversity, and inclusion at the forefront of the conversation and at the forefront of our business. StudyMRCOG believes that this Women’s Day is the one which woman should lift their head up and can loudly hail to the world that “WE CHOOSE TO CHALLENGE”. Not only choose to challenge the gender diversities but also the PANDEMIC which shook 2020 globally.

For the past few decades there has been a lot of talk about how companies need to build a strong bench of female leaders to diversify C-suites and senior management roles. It would be counter to a significant body of research to deny that great strides have been made or that companies are not taking the issue seriously. They are. And many have demonstrated their commitment with real investments, recruitment and retention initiatives, and action.

Past year- StudyMRCOG strengthens our mentors panel, IT team and Operations division with our “WOMEN Impact” (WI) program whereas we made our 70% of the crew as women. We do consider this as a great opportunity and achievement where we are leading the world by an example. Our network looks to nurture the career development of women in technology, both inside our company and outside. We are also creating an open channel for the women across the world to join a apart of StudyMRCOG family through our Careers Program.

#Choose to challenge – On this Month of Women’s day 2021 StudyMRCOG family announces to the OBGYN women community who are commercially unwell to excel in their studies, We are there to offer you our StudyMRCOG SS Scholarship through which you can excel your career with international memberships such as MRCOG, MRCPI, FCPG OBG & EBCOG. We consider this as a privilege to nurture a world of healthy and knowledgeable clinicians across the world to bring a better future. I hope these challenges have given others as well some ideas for ways you can support women and raise awareness in your life too. I urge everyone to be an ally—not just for today, but all year long.

Looking in the rearview mirror can often be a fruitless exercise if we’re not also looking to the future. The past informs, but the future is ripe with opportunities if we take advantage of them when the timing is optimal. Now is such a time.

Happy learning
Team StudyMRCOG