Why are we still falling for Sweet words? Can’t we choose better!!!


Its human nature to believe and feel right when sweet words (Sweetheart, darling etc.) being flowered from anyone. We believe they are kind, good hearted and so talented, but keeping this irony away, do always sweet words fulfill your intention at the end. Answer is BIG NO. Humans (not all) have the ability to understand the underlying conspiracies behind each person’s mind sometimes they are profit minded with no intention in student’s betterment or sometimes they have no intention other than their personal development. Before unveiling your decision always double check “ARE YOU REALLY GOING TO GAIN BENEFIT OUT OF IT”. [...]

Why are we still falling for Sweet words? Can’t we choose better!!!2021-02-25T14:54:35+05:30

StudyMRCOG – Why We Love Mentoring


Acquainting a student is an essential and critical factor for excellence. When done right a course or a mentor should empower and encourage the students to become more confident to present their skills and knowledge without any hesitance. This the sole reason why “StudyMRCOG Mentors are the best mentors for OBS & GYN courses such as MRCOG, MRCPI, FCPS OBG & EBCOG. Over the past three years, as part of our forthcoming books series, Our R & D team is engaged in researching how mentors can better judge and enhance their talent in light of a changing, more purpose driven [...]

StudyMRCOG – Why We Love Mentoring2021-02-02T15:09:41+05:30

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