Our Lives as mothers are so hectic !!! which makes every second count and as Mothers it is very vital to schedule yourself in a manner to balance the official business and personal life. Breastfeeding provides every child with the best possible start in life. It delivers health, nutritional and emotional benefits to both children and mothers. StudyMRCOG thanks and respect all the mothers who bared immense pain in giving birth and molding their kids to be a better person in the society. A Big Salute to you all….

As rightly said Bottles fill his stomach, but breastfeeding fills his soul”.

When the baby is first born, experts will tell you that this first time you breastfeed is the most important time or even named as “Birth Crawl”. This is the time when baby pulls herself to the breast and laid on your chest and feed for the first time, usually happens at the first half hour of baby’s life. Initially during the feeding, the start of the flow does not look like milk but more like a lotion substance called “colostrum.” This substance includes important nutrients that will shape how the baby’s immune system develops.


A child on our houses makes our life fill with joy and happiness due to which mothers tend to forget themselves about their sleep, eating and other daily routines. Mothers must take care of their own health first then only your child will be healthier as you expect. Do not keep you child in a schedule initially, feed them whenever they are awake and allow them to sleep when they feel so. You’ll be able to get them onto a schedule later but establishing flow works best when you feed them as they are hungry. This gives your body an idea of how much milk it needs to produce. Pay attention and understand that if your baby is crying, they are already very hungry so try and learn when they like to eat before they get to that point.

Get Comfy

Most important thing you could do to make breastfeeding easier and more enjoyable for both Mom and baby is to make sure you both are comfortable every time.

  • Try different breastfeeding positions for you and your baby to find the ones that are most comfortable. Use breastfeeding pillow which allows you to prop them up comfortably and provide the support you both need during feeding.
  • Drain one breast completely before switching to the other instead of switching back and forth. This allows the empty breast time to produce more milk while the baby is feeding with the other and lets them eat without interruption.
  • Be consistent with the way you dress and smell when you sit down to feed your baby. Skin to skin contact whenever possible is better than laying them on your shirt.
  • Keep a travel kit handy for when you have to feed on the go so your baby has everything they usually have, and they feel more comfortable even if you have to feed them outside the home.
    Hey pumping mamas, this below section is all for you! – 3 tips to help you get the most milk out in the least amount of time during your pumping sessions
    1. Get familiar with your pump and it’s parts
    2. Go Hands Free
    3. Establish a routine

StudyMRCOG wishes all the mothers and their kids a wonderful future, Breastfeeding is not a job, but it is the form of love and care which you carry forward to your next generations. Keep Hydrated and always get plenty of nutrition and ask whenever in doubt.

Team StudyMRCOG