Why StudyMRCOG Doesn’t Offer Listener Participant For MRCOG Part 3

With the recent changes in the syllabus, MRCOG exams are now more focussed on applied knowledge in clinical scenarios. This is especially true for MRCOG Part 3 Clinical Exam. The MRCOG Part 3 exam assesses your communication skills with patients and their relatives, and your colleagues. You should be able to gather information, arrive at diagnosis and management, communicate with the patient effectively and confidently, all within the allotted task time.

You need to approach the MRCOG Part 3 in a special manner to be able to perform at the exam well. While observing other students present stations may give you an idea, it may not be enough to help you correct your own presenting and communication skills. Loads and loads of practice, and individual feedback is what is going to help you. Especially if you are keen on clearing the MRCOG Part 3 in the first attempt, or need to brush up on clinical communication skills. And that is why Listener participant programmes generally have a low success rate. You need individual feedback to find out where you, as an individual candidate, are lacking, so that you can work on your weak areas.

A lot of students ask us, how many stations are covered in the course. What is more important is how many stations do you get to present. The more you practise presenting stations, the more confident you’ll be while facing tasks at the exam. Listening to podcasts to get an idea of how stations are presented, and then actually presenting it in mock scenarios in your class, or as part of your homework, is what is going to help you; instead of just being mute spectators to others’ presentations.

So, go for a programme that lets you present stations in class, then you can practise with your study partner, practise at home or in front of friends, and give your confidence a boost.

Happy Learning!

Team StudyMRCOG

Important Note

The views expressed here are purely based on our observation and data analysis during the classes and interaction with MRCOG Part 3 students.
The efficacy of listener programmes varies from student to student. It is advisable for students to choose the programmes based on their own requirements.