Why StudyMRCOG

MRCOG is a highly valued and respected course. It is also a difficult one, with most candidates failing it due to communication issues in the OSCE. The amount of time and effort required for preparation is huge, and it becomes nearly impossible for candidates to study on their own along with their practice. The best way to prepare for MRCOG is to join preparatory courses; they guide you with the preparations, help to improve communication and conceptual knowledge, and keep you motivated and on track.

With several tutorials available out there, the key is to find the right one suitable for you. We get you below a comparison of the features of StudyMRCOG courses against other courses to help you make the right choice.

StudyMRCOG Other Courses
Interactive sessions to facilitate knowledge sharing between candidates Group sessions are mostly question-answer sessions with minimum interactions between candidates
Limited number of candidates per batch to facilitate individual attention Batch size is bigger to accommodate more candidates. One on one courses with a single candidate and mentor are also available.
Emphasis on improving communication skills as well as conceptual skills in the long-term courses Most courses place emphasis on theoretical knowledge
Exam-oriented as well as knowledge based Exam oriented
Maximum cases and stations discussed as per duration of course selected Limited no of cases and stations discussed
Multiple courses with different durations to suit your study needs Mostly intensive courses of short duration and limited no of courses to choose from
Individual feedback during sessions Limited feedback for group sessions
Exclusive orientation sessions No or limited orientations sessions
Best success rates over the years Passing rates not matching upto StudyMRCOG
Focus on clearing the exams in first attempt First attempt success rates not matching upto StudyMRCOG
Fees are comparable to other courses Fees are comparable to StudyMRCOG
Experienced tutors practicing at various places including the U.K. Tutors may or may not be experienced
Regular homework and feedback on the same
for thorough preparation
No or minimum formal homework
24/7 online support May or may not have 24/7 support, Limited
Live ‘Coffee with Mentor’ interactive sessions
aimed at tackling stress and exam day relatedqueries
No live or interactive sessions.
Additional sessions on topics like statistics by
invited specialist tutors
No such sessions

As is clear from the above comparison table, that though our fees are comparable (or at times lesser or higher than other courses), our success rates are incomparable. StudyMRCOG candidates had 100% pass rates for February 2019 and 97% for April 2019 Part 3 exams. Our group sessions also give candidates the advantage of interacting with other candidates, facilitating knowledge sharing, as compared to one on one tutorials. StudyMRCOG is your destination for career excellence.

For more information about our courses contact us at +971 50 227 9874 or drop us a mail at contactus@studymrcog.com