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Obstetrics and Gynaecology is a career primarily related to women health. An OBGYN specialist offers medical assistance and surgical supervision to women during their pregnancy and childbirth. The study of Obstetrics and Gynaecology also involves treating women with problems related to reproductive system. This kind of career requires proper study and training that can help the aspirants lead to various career path. There are many students today who are planning to choose this field as their career because being an OBGYN doctor; you can build your career in both, medical and surgical way as there are many opportunities available to develop your career in this field.

Women health is an issue that has always been an important point of discussion in medical community. Hence, individuals who build their career in the area that primarily focus on women health and related problems, serves for a rewarding and stimulating career.

It is a common notion that OBGYN is only related to pregnancy and its related medical issues. However, being an OBGYN specialist does not only deals with maternity and childbirth, the services go beyond and aids in improving women health at all life stages.

Career opportunities for an OBGYN specialist

As mentioned before, a career in OBGYN is quite rewarding because these people can either work as primary physicians or can assist as consultants to other physicians. They can also run their own private clinics or work in hospitals or if you have the knack for teaching, you can be offered a full-time teaching position at any university hospital as well. Many OBGYN doctors are also known to work in preventive medicine and public health positions. Hence, looking at the wide range of opportunities, it seems to be a great career, especially if you consider women and their health problems a serious concern. With the help of knowledge and unique practices, you can provide good quality healthcare to women from all spheres and backgrounds.

If you want to grow in your career, you can undertake further training for various specialisations based on your choices. Amongst different sub-specialities, you can choose gynaecological cancer, endocrinology, maternal and foetal medicine, infertility, prenatal care and childbirth, reproductive medicine and urogynaecology.

Therefore, looking at the vast career opportunities, this profession requires proper education and training through a recognised college.

Training and education

RCOG or Royal College of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, provides a specialised training program that covers the entire area of study in this field. Aspirants would need to even clear exams to be able to complete the training program in OBGYN.

MRCOG is a globally accepted examination that comprises of leadership training along with knowledge and expertise in this field. This exam is conducted in three stages and MCROG part 3 being the critical one. Candidates require clearing every level of this 3-part assessment, after which a membership is rewarded to the candidates who are able to clear all the assessments.
So, if you are looking for a great progressive career with great future prospects, study MRCOG.

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